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Foundation + Alignment = Impact

Erica Schreiber creates identity guides, impact plans, and brand maps for
forward-thinking leaders, organizations, and movements.
I illuminate who leaders, companies, and movements are and what is theirs to do.

Impact requires a solid foundation built on a deep and broad understanding of who you and/or your organization are, and defining or refining what is yours to do in your industry and in the world.

The processes I take my clients through are essential for creating sustainable growth, lasting impact, and the bone-deep satisfaction that comes from purpose aligning with action.

When foundational work is done well, it doesn’t need to be repeated. The plans and maps we create will be fundamental and comprehensive. You’ll be able to use them for personal, business, and brand direction—and creative and strategic production—for years to come.


Identity Guide

Process to illuminate and articulate who you are and what is yours to do.
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Impact Plan

Comprehensive and actionable plan to support the expression of your identity in the world.
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Brand Map

Navigational tool for brand alignment, articulation, and values-aligned impact.
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Brand Strategy

Consulting and projects related to the who and what of identity and brand.
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Erica's clients are deeply committed to walking their talk when it comes to creating a world where everybody thrives. They come from all industries, and range from individuals to entrepreneurs to organizations to foundations to movements.

They recognize that their impact matters. They are dedicated to creating careers, businesses, companies, and movements that support the wellbeing of all, including their leadership, teams, customers, clients or audience-base, and the world beyond.

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 The latest posts

Erica helped me to quickly and efficiently identify my purpose and core gifts and skills. She then described how they can be practically applied in my work. I felt seen, understood, and left with a more integrated sense of myself. Erica is highly intuitive, fun to work work with, and a master at sifting through the “mess” to get to the heart of a person or matter.
George Leftwich MBA, MA
Executive Coach and Business Consultant
Being seen, known, and articulated by Erica is a game changer. She’s been instrumental to my arriving at a bone-deep understanding of—and ability to communicate—who I am and what is mine to do. The many leaders I've sent to her unanimously give rave reviews. What are you waiting for?
Diana Chapman
Co-Founder, Conscious Leadership Group
While leading the Bridgewater rebrand, Erica stayed at least three steps ahead to make sure everything turned out brilliantly. Not only was she able to embrace and understand our industry with amazing skill, she is passionate, exceptionally smart and intuitive, over-delivers and is a blast to work with.
Ron Rubin
CEO, Bridgewater Wealth
Before I began working with Erica, I was all over the place. I knew I was working with something magical, but the magic was scattered, confused and hazy. When we joined forces, I was finally able to get a clear sense of who I am, what I stand for, and what I'm up to in the world. Erica has the superpower of being able to take in the raw materials of a person or brand, and produce a cohesive outcome that is staggering and powerful. My brand now reflects my highest and clearest intention.
Leah Pearlman
Artist, Dharma Comics


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