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Brand Strategy

Consulting and projects related to the who and what of identity and brand.


  1. New clients who want to experience a few sessions before committing to a project

  2. Existing clients who have already created a Brand Map, Impact Plan, or gone through foundational processes who keep Erica in their back pocket for ongoing brand consulting, advisory, strategic or creative collaboration, and all around good cheer.

  3. Creative Production Support. For brand aligned creative production.

    (a) Articulate Identity for Congruent Deliverables
    I join meetings to articulate your brand identity so deliverables are congruent with your identity.

    (b) Provide Feedback for a Faster, Smoother and More Successful Creative Process
    With my support, teams become more confident and the chances for successful next iterations increase.


  1. Brand alignment review and strategy
    Conversations with principals, team members, and clients 
    Review existing materials
    Follow-up report and conversation(s)

  2. Communication and messaging review, strategy, and plans
    Conversations with principals to discover messaging goals
    Review existing messaging
    Follow-up report and conversation(s)

  3. Brand archetype identification and application
    For personal identity and brands, and companies and movements.
    Identifying a brand archetype is key to developing a sustainable brand presence and ensuring long-term business success. This is generally part of the Brand Mapping process, but can be a valuable process on its own if a comprehensive Brand Map isn't needed. 

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Brand Strategy

After booking, check your inbox for logistics info including a scheduling link and GoogleDocs questionnaire to fill out before we meet. If you have any questions along the way, reach out.

*Refund Policy* Full refund if you cancel at least two weeks before our initial session. No refund if less than two weeks. Rescheduling possible up to three days before our initial session.
Erica directs brand and communication for The Conscious Leadership Group. She listens deeply, often understands what you're up to in the world more clearly than you do, and has a genius for articulation. She has the ability to see and speak people and brands into the world in a compelling and powerful way. On top of that, she is delightfully fun and funny.
Jim Dethmer
As we were growing, we brought Erica in to describe who we are, focus our message, and differentiate us from the crowd. She interviewed and observed our team, got who we are, and told our company story brilliantly. And her personality makes her fun to work with.
Jason Middleton
President, Silver Air
Before I began working with Erica, I was all over the place. I knew I was working with something magical, but the magic was scattered, confused and hazy. When we joined forces, I was finally able to get a clear sense of who I am, what I stand for, and what I'm up to in the world. Erica has the superpower of being able to take in the raw materials of a person or brand, and produce a cohesive outcome that is staggering and powerful. My brand now reflects my highest and clearest intention.
Leah Pearlman
Artist, Dharma Comics
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