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Identity Guide

Illuminate and articulate who you are and what is yours to do in service of creating aligned impact.

I support CEOs, entrepreneurs, and other leaders to more deeply know, embody, and articulate who they are and clarify what is theirs to do in service of creating aligned impact.

The Identity Guide is a common precursor to creating an Impact Plan and/or Brand Map



  • Interviews/Conversations with you
  • Interviews/Conversations with your inner circle
  • Review online content and other materials you share


  • I distill and synthesize our conversations, interviews, and content


  • Create and deliver Identity Guide
  • Conversation to review


  1. Understand and be able to articulate who you are
  2. ‍Clarity about what is yours to do, and what isn't
  3. Uncover and articulate purpose, mission, and vision
  4. Deeper sense of relaxation in yourself
  5. Increased creative capacity and expression
  6. Identity Guide to keep you on track

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Identity Guide

After booking, check your inbox for logistics info including a scheduling link and GoogleDocs questionnaire to fill out before we meet. If you have any questions along the way, reach out.

*Refund Policy* Full refund if you cancel at least two weeks before our initial session. No refund if less than two weeks. Rescheduling possible up to three days before our initial session.
Being seen, known, and articulated by Erica is a game changer. She’s been instrumental to my arriving at a bone-deep understanding of—and ability to communicate—who I am and what is mine to do. The many leaders I've sent to her unanimously give rave reviews. What are you waiting for?
Diana Chapman
Co-Founder, Conscious Leadership Group
Within minutes of working with Erica, she's able to see you and know you better than you know yourself. She then articulates you with clarity, precision, and love. If you're looking for cheap solutions, she’s not the one for you. For a comprehensive understanding of who you are—and clear direction to align who you are with what you’re up to—you're just a conversation away.
Mat Vogels
Founder, Bolder by Design
Erica helped me to quickly and efficiently identify my purpose and core gifts and skills. She then described how they can be practically applied in my work. I felt seen, understood, and left with a more integrated sense of myself. Erica is highly intuitive, fun to work work with, and a master at sifting through the “mess” to get to the heart of a person or matter.
George Leftwich MBA, MA
Executive Coach and Business Consultant
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